Christian Education — Secondary English

Program Objectives

In keeping with the Institutional Goals, the Christian Education Program is designed specifically:

1. To assist the student in developing a personal philosophy of education based on Biblical/Christian principles.

2. To promote active growth in the personal spiritual life of the student and to help him develop an understanding of the principles and precepts of God’s Word for holy Christian life.

3. To prepare the student to teach English in the Christian Day School at the secondary level.

4. To help the student achieve proper levels of maturity; academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Course Requirements are as follows (Total 135 hours)

General Education, 51 hours, consisting of:
History of Western Civilization, 6 hours; English, 6 hours; General Psychology, 3 hours; Biological Science, 3 hours; Speech Communication, 3 hours; Discussion Leadership, 3 hours; Introduction to Philosophy, 3 hours; American Literature, 6 hours; English Literature, 6 hours; College Study Skills, 1 hour; General Electives, 11 hours.

Bible/Theology, 27 hours, (30 hours total), consisting of:
Bible Survey, 6 hours; Gospels, 6 hours; Pentateuch I, 3 hours; Acts, 3 hours; Romans, 3 hours; Christian Beliefs, 3 hours; Theology of Holiness, 3 hours; The Teaching of Bible (also listed below).

Professional Education, 57 hours, consisting of:
Introduction to Christian Education, 3 hours; Christian Ethics, 3 hours; Teaching Methods, 3 hours; The Teaching of Bible, 3 hours; The Teaching of Mathematics, 3 hours; The Teaching of Science, 3 hours; Teaching Language Arts, 3 hours; Sociology, 3 hours; Evaluation Techniques & Lesson Planning, 3 hours; Adolescent Psychology, 3 hours; Educational Psychology, 3 hours; Classroom Observation, 5 hours; Student Teaching, 12 hours; Professional Electives, 7 hours.

Suggested Schedule

(beginning even-numbered fall)