Social Science

SS 111 History of Western Civilization I 3 hrs A study of the persons, places, and principles that influenced the social, political, economic, institutional, intellectual, aesthetic, and moral development of civilization from ancient times to the revolutionary transition of the seventeenth century. REQUIRED

SS 112 History of Western Civilization II 3 hrs A continuation of SS 111, SS 112 extends from the 17th century to the present. Both SS 111 and SS 112 present the development of western culture from Christian philosophical presuppositions. REQUIRED

SS 122 Christian Marriage & Family 1 hr A practical course exploring the Biblical preparation for marriage, the Biblical position on the marriage vow, and the Biblical provision for establishing a Christian marriage that will last a lifetime. ELECTIVE

SS 211 American History I 3 hrs A history of the United States from colonial times to the reconstruction period. Emphasis on the historical, political, social and religious facts which have shaped the nation. REQUIRED

SS 212 American History II 3 hrs A continuation of SS 111. This course covers the post-Civil War reconstruction period to the present. REQUIRED

SS 331 Principles of Sociology 3 hrs A study of culture, group behavior, institutions, demography and ecology in terms of human interaction and social change. REQUIRED

SS 342 Cultural Anthropology 3 hrs A study of man, culture and society with emphasis on role, marriage and family, kinship, groups and communities, etc. in human cultures. Attention is given to verbal and nonverbal communication and to enculturation and acculturation. The Bible is the standard for evaluating all concepts. REQUIRED