Practical Arts

PA 111 Computer I 3 hrs A brief history of computers, introduction to Windows 95/98™ as well as instruction and practice in file management, word processing, desktop publishing, and computerized spreadsheets. ELECTIVE

PA 112 Computer II 3 hrs Instruction and practice in using relational database and presentation software. Final project integrates concepts from Computer I and II. ELECTIVE

PA 312 Art & Visuals I 3 hrs Writing with simple lettering styles and drawing using various media Elementary art methods. Assignments are given in which these art skills are put to practical use in projects for both church and educational applications. REQUIRED

PA 322 Art & Visuals II 3 hrs A continuation of PA 312 furthering the development of art skills which will enhance the practical ministry in the church, classroom, and/or home. This course emphasizes drawing techniques, lettering, and the making of various artistic projects which will be useful in educational ministries. PA 312 is not a prerequisite but would serve as an enhancement either before or after PA 322. REQUIRED

PA 332 Story Writing 3 hrs Principles and techniques of writing and illustrating children’s literature. Attention will be given to philosophy, plot, character, theme, setting, and age categories. Prerequisites: LL 111, LL 112. REQUIRED

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