Attendance Requirements

At Penn View Bible Institute, class attendance and chapel attendance are required. Excessive unexcused absences will cause the final grade to be lowered. If a student is charged with more than the equivalent of one week of unexcused absences in a class, each one beyond the limit will result in a reduction of one letter grade for that class. If a student is absent without proper excuse the last day of school prior to a holiday or the first day of school following a holiday, a double assessment will be made.

A student who is absent from any class for four consecutive sessions or six non-consecutive sessions without adequate excuse, will automatically be dropped from the course. Course hours will not be considered successfully completed if the student has been absent from one-fifth or more of the class sessions for any reason.

Tardiness for more than one-third of the class period is counted as an absence. Three unexcused tardies in one course are counted as one absence.