Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

Brian Black

Brian Black

Division Director

The Biblical Studies Division will develop within you a biblical worldview. This foundational framework is vital for all Christians. All students at Penn View major in Bible and theology in addition to their selected focus of study. Those who focus primarily on biblical studies receive a greater intensity of academic concentration in Bible and theology courses.

Embracing and developing a biblical worldview is critical to spiritual growth and development in our post-modern world. Understanding the absolute truth of God’s Word is important as we confront those who embrace the “it may be true for you, but not for me” philosophy of life. To be ungrounded in God’s Word is dangerous when Christians face the morass of ideas in our world. This course of study enables students to think biblically.

Knowing what you believe and why you believe it builds strong foundations of faith and thinking. While studying the victories and defeats of people in the Bible, students learn lessons on living a godly life, staying true during times of tempation, obeying God when conventional wisdom encourages otherwise, and personally walking with God in all areas of life. Biblical Studies majors receive solid, rounded training which prepares them for a variety of ministry options.

Majors offered in this Division

a four-year study course

a one-year study course