Regulations Pertaining to Veterans

Contact the Academic Dean for program approval.


Any student not physically present at the start of his scheduled class period will be considered tardy, and the exact number of minutes will be recorded. Excessive tardiness, such as three times unexcused in any five-day period, shall be cause for discontinuance of training.


An excused absence is one that is due to illness, death in the immediate family, or any other unavoidable circumstance; however, the school must be apprised of the reason for said absence and the reason must be supported by documentary evidence, or said absence will be recorded as unexcused. Three unexcused absences in any one month will result in immediate dismissal. All students must attend 85% of the class sessions for the duration of the course in order to attain satisfactory attendance. When a student has missed over 15% of the class sessions of the course by excused and/or unexcused absences, his training will be immediately interrupted.

Class Cuts are not permitted and shall be recorded as unexcused absences.

Make-up Work is not permitted for the purpose of receiving Veterans Administration training allowances.

Equivalent course hours will be awarded for comparable previous education and training, and the training period will be shortened accordingly.

Textbooks may be purchased in the school bookstore.

The Department of Veterans Affairs will be notified if a veteran is on probation for more than two (2) semesters.

A leave of absence will be granted on an individual basis.