Language and Literature

LL 100 English Grammar 3 hrs This course is designed to prepare a student to communicate with correct grammatical usage. This is accomplished through practical exercises in such mechanics as grammar, spelling, vocabulary and punctuation. REQUIRED if testing so indicates.

LL 111 English Composition I 3 hrs A study of the techniques for effective communication through writing. Sentence structure and paragraph development will be emphasized through various formal and practical writing forms. REQUIRED

LL 112 English Composition II 3 hrs This course stresses the use of the elements of language. The word, the sentence, and the paragraph are combined for the development of compositions, especially through research skills and a term paper. REQUIRED

LL 121 Spanish I 3 hrs An introductory study of Spanish, with emphasis on pronunciation, conversation, and grammar, designed to give the student a foundation which will contribute to further learning of Spanish. The student will also develop minimal reading and writing skills. ELECTIVE

LL 122 Spanish II 3 hrs A continuation of LL 121. Prerequisite:LL121. ELECTIVE

LL 211 Speech Communication 3 hrs A study of the basic speech communication skills. All aspects of speech preparation and delivery are treated. REQUIRED

LL 212 Discussion Leadership 3 hrs Designed as a continuation and application of the principles learned in LL 211, This course focuses on leading group discussions and chairing an organization according to the rules of parliamentary procedure. REQUIRED

LL 222 Children’s Literature 3 hrs A survey of stories old and new, especially the classics and award winning books. Special emphasis is given to the social and personal values of literature and methods of presenting these values to children. REQUIRED

LL 231 American Literature I 3 hrs A study of the outstanding literary productions of the United States from colonial times to the Civil War period. Emphasis is placed on the theological, spiritual, social, political and moral attitudes as revealed through the literary expression of the times. Attention is given to the use of the literature in sermon illustration. REQUIRED

LL 232 American Literature II 3 hrs Selected readings in American literature from the post Civil War period to the 20th century. An investigation of the literature of the period of man’s quest for spiritual reality and a study of the transition from romanticism to realism with emphasis on the spiritual unrest of the 19th and 20th centuries and the development of naturalism. REQUIRED

LL 241 Elements of New Testament Greek I 3 hrs An introductory course in the vocabulary and grammar of New Testament Greek. Includes drill in noun declension and verb conjugations. REQUIRED

LL 242 Elements of New Testament Greek II 3 hrs A continuation of LL 241. In addition to drills on vocabulary and grammar there are readings from the Greek New Testament. Prerequisite: LL 241 or equivalent. REQUIRED

LL 311 English Literature I 3 hrs A study of the literature of England from the Middle Ages through the 18th century. The outstanding literature of English is studied against its historical, political, social and religious background. REQUIRED

LL 312 English Literature II 3 hrs A continuation of LL 311, the literature of 19th-20th century England. REQUIRED

LL 331 Principles of Linguistics 3 hrs A thorough treatment of phonetics, phonology, morphology and syntax. Attention is given to structural and generative transformational grammar. REQUIRED