MI 211 Women in Cross-Cultural Ministry 1 hr A course exploring the roles of women ministering in cross-cultural settings. Subjects covered include singleness and ministry, a wife’s role in a cross-cultural setting, mothering and missions life, maintaining emotional health, relating professionally to the opposite sex, homemaking with Third-World inconveniences, and personal hygiene in primitive settings. REQUIRED

MI 311 Survey of Missions 3 hrs A study of the expansion of Christianity through missionary effort from apostolic times to the 20th century. The emphasis is on the imperative to evangelism as perceived by Christian leaders through the centuries. REQUIRED

MI 312 Principles of Missions 3 hrs An introductory course surveying many aspects of missionary life from candidacy to the actual work of the field. Analysis and evaluation of methods of spreading the gospel in a cross-cultural setting. REQUIRED

MI 331 Contemporary Missions 3 hrs A study of currents in missionary thought and strategy in the 20th century. Attention is given to the rise of nationalism and ecumenicism as factors in modern missions. Prerequisite: MI 312. REQUIRED

MI 341 World Religions 3 hrs The major non-Christian religions of the world will be examined in the light of revealed truth as it is found in God’s Word. REQUIRED

MI 342 World Evangelism 3 hrs The student will gain a world perspective in applying Biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic principles of missions. His understanding will be developed through the study of a variety of outstanding mission leaders and statesmen. REQUIRED

MI 432 International Team-Building 3 hrs A focus on interpersonal relationships in an intercultural setting. Discussion will include analysis and understanding of oneself, interpersonal relationships between missionaries, and interpersonal relationships with national workers. REQUIRED