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Bible Studies
Powerful, easy-to-use Bible study tool.
Choose the “study” tab at the top of the page and have quick access to multitudes of resources such as: commentaries, Strong’s definitions, sermons, dictionaries, maps and pictures OR enter a verse in the search box and click the “tools” button and use the interlinear, Bibles, cross-references, commentaries, dictionaries, and misc. tools to do a thorough study of that verse. Recommended: short tutorials under the “help” tab, they quickly teach you how to use this site!
Wesleyan Theological Journal 1966-2010.
Here you will find 69 digital Wesleyan Theological Journals. The Wesley Center Online scanned all journals that spanned the journals 45 years of existence. They have made them available for viewing and offer multiple search methods. The journals contain articles and book reviews from the Wesleyan perspective.
Animated Bible videos that give a big picture view of the following: how to read the Bible, word studies, Bible themes, Bible books, and visual commentaries. All information is free but log in if you wish to access all that is available.