Committed to the historic Christian faith and a philosophy of education based on that faith as it is revealed in the sacred Scriptures, Penn View Bible Institute recognizes that all knowledge (absolute and objective truth) comes from God, and all knowledge points to God (Psalm 111:10, Proverbs 1:7).  Accordingly, the school attempts not to dichotomize knowledge into mutually exclusive categories of sacred and secular.  Christian scholarship seeks to explore the domains of knowledge with the primary goal of glorifying the Creator through a life subjected to His will and devoted to His service.

The authoritative Word of God, the inerrant Bible, provides the foundation for all studies at Penn View.  The core of Biblical courses helps form a proper understanding of man and his world.  From survey courses to in-depth exegeses of key passages, Penn View equips students with a basic grasp of the Bible and orthodox theology in order to foster analytical comprehension of truth and internalization of biblical values.  Students apply biblical truth to their own lives and communicate their insights for the purpose of discipling others.

General education from a Christian worldview provides the Christian worker the awareness needed to “serve the present age” (Wesley).  Understanding the contemporary world (through social sciences, physical sciences, philosophy, and music) and mastering communication (through language arts and the fine arts) enable students to incarnate the truth and to minister effectively.  Students develop healthy social relationships that lead to effective evangelism, and they practice academic behaviors that lead to lifelong learning.

Professional education encompasses theory and practice which culminate in graduates prepared to minister.  Faculty model proficient ministry as well as the desire for continued improvement. Penn View equips students with current and historic scholarship related to their areas of study, emphasizing the acquisition of knowledge and the application of learned skills.  Classroom activities prepare students for supervised practice (student teaching, internships, and practicums), laying a foundation for a lifetime of ministry.