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Academic Catalog

We offer our catalog as one large download, or split up in four sections for those with slower internet connections. These files require Adobe Reader to view.


Penn View Catalog 2014-2016

  • The Complete Catalog
    Recommended for those with a broadband internet connection.


Part I

  • General Information
    Message from the President, Historical Highlights, Philosophy, General Objectives, Doctrinal Statement, Denominational Affiliation, Official Statement, Location, School Facilities.


Part II

  • Student Life
    Student Services, General Regulations & Discipline.
  • Financial Information
    Payment Terms, Miscellaneous Information, Refund Policies, Financial Aid & Employment.
  • Academic Policies
    Admission & Re Admission, Classification of Students, Auditing of Courses, Transfer Credit, Grading System, Attendance Requirements, Veterans and International Students, Graduation Honors, Examinations, Ministerial & Missionary Internship, Christian Education Student Teaching & Observation, Academic Course Load, Academic Probation, Withdrawal From School, Transcripts, Dean’s List, Schedule Change, Clock Hour Requirements for non-accredited courses.


Part III

  • Academic Programs
    Biblical Studies, Child Evangelism, Christian Education, Christian Music, Hispanic Studies, Ministerial Studies, Missionary Studies, Certificate in Biblical Studies


Part IV

  • Course Descriptions
    Objectives and Course Requirements.
  • Personnel
    Board, Administration, Faculty, Staff, Division Directors.
  • Index
    Index for our entire catalog and a list of sponsors.


PVBI Application Packet 2014-2016