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Christian Education (Secondary English)
Requirements and Suggested Schedule

Course Requirements are as follows (Total 135 hours):

General Education, 51 hours, consisting of:
History of Western Civilization, 6 hours; English, 6 hours; General Psychology, 3 hours; Biological Science, 3 hours; Speech Communication, 3 hours; Discussion Leadership, 3 hours; Introduction to Philosophy, 3 hours; American Literature, 6 hours; English Literature, 6 hours; College Study Skills, 1 hour; General Electives, 11 hours.

Bible/Theology, 27 hours, (30 hours total), consisting of:
Bible Survey, 6 hours; Gospels, 6 hours; Pentateuch I, 3 hours; Acts, 3 hours; Romans, 3 hours; Christian Beliefs, 3 hours; Theology of Holiness, 3 hours; The Teaching of Bible (also listed below).

Professional Education, 57 hours, consisting of:
Introduction to Christian Education, 3 hours; Christian Ethics, 3 hours; Teaching Methods, 3 hours; The Teaching of Bible, 3 hours; The Teaching of Mathematics, 3 hours; The Teaching of Science, 3 hours; Teaching Language Arts, 3 hours; Sociology, 3 hours; Evaluation Techniques & Lesson Planning, 3 hours; Adolescent Psychology, 3 hours; Educational Psychology, 3 hours; Classroom Observation, 5 hours; Student Teaching, 12 hours; Professional Electives, 7 hours.

Suggested Schedule
(beginning even-numbered fall)