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Presidential Decision FAQs

Rev. Daniel Durkee

Q: Why is President Zechman retiring?
President Zechman has served Penn View for over half of its 50 years and felt that God was directing him to retire.

Q: What will President Zechman do after retirement?
President Zechman has not formally revealed his post-retirement plans, but we are sure that he will continue in active ministry.

Q: Does President Zechman support the Board’s decision?
President Zechman supports 100% the decision of the board and will continue to support President-Elect Durkee through the entire transition process.

Q: Who elects the President of Penn View?
A: The PVBI Board of Directors elects the President. The General Board of God’s Missionary Church served in an advisory role in the selection and vetting of potential candidates. The General Board completely supports the decision of the Board of Directors.

Q: How long did the selection process take?
The process began in January 2016 when President Zechman indicated that he was thinking of retiring in 2018 and encouraged the Board to begin working on finding his replacement.

Q. How many candidates were considered?
Over 20 candidates were discussed in the selection process.

Q. What was the final vote?
The vote was unanimous with a great sense of peace and clarity about the decision.

Q. When will President-Elect Durkee assume office?
President-Elect Durkee will assume office on June 1st, 2018.

Q. Will there be a transition process?
Yes, President-Elect Durkee and President Zechman will spend several months working together to ensure a smooth transition beginning full-time in February 2018.