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Penn View Bible Institute is committed to the historic Christian faith and a philosophy of education based on that faith as it is revealed in the sacred Scriptures.

At Penn View we attempt not to dichotomize knowledge into the mutually exclusive categories "sacred" and "secular," but rather to recognize that "all knowledge comes from God, and all knowledge points to God." The Christian lives in a world which may (and ought to) be explored through serious study which has as its primary goal the glorification of the Creator through a life which reflects subjection to His will and devotion to His service.

The Word of God is the necessary foundation of a proper understanding of man and his world. Hence, there is an emphasis on Biblical studies at Penn View.

The opposite side of the coin is, however, that the Christian needs to be well rounded in his education. Since he is to minister in the real world, he cannot afford to be ignorant of that world in which he lives. Hence, there are general education courses in each program curriculum to provide the future Christian worker the awareness he will need to minister effectively.

Finally, professional courses are included to complete the program of study. These courses are designed to give the Christian worker the expertise he will need to minister in the position God has called him to fill.