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Organizations and Activities

Student organizations and activities add a dimension to the academic experience that no other phase of student life can duplicate or replace. We encourage you to become involved in one or more of the following activities.

Student Activities

  • Intramurals: Organized in house team activities including volleyball, softball, basketball, football, and soccer.
  • Winter Activities: Sledding, Ice Skating on campus pond.
  • All-School Picnics in the Fall and Spring
  • Weekend Activities: Indoor and outdoor volleyball and basketball available for dorm students in elementary multi-purpose room.
  • Worship Opportunities: Students have the opportunity to attend a variety of local churches in our area. This allows students to observe the dynamic of worship, experience spiritual transformation, and interact within the context of Christian fellowship. Small groups meet for chapel every 3rd Wednesday of the month and every Thursday in the dormitories providing a more personal interaction.

PennStation — Student Lounge

Featuring ping-pong and board games, PennStation is a connecting point for networking with friends or just have a fun time. Designed with students in mind and continually evolving in décor and activitites, PennStation is the place on campus to play games or just hang out with your friends. Tables are provided for snacking or study. Couches are provided for chillaxation or conversation.

InterServe — Christian Service Organization

Unless an individual’s spiritual life is channeled into outward witness and service, he will become stagnant. Inter-Serve provides an outlet for students to exercise their spiritual gifts. Students may participate in visitation, nursing home ministry, child evangelism, prayer station, and cross-cultural ministries. The group sponsors the annual Missionary Convention. Mutual sharing provides encouragement, prayer support, and insights on difficulties encountered in their ministries.

Student Government

The Penn View Student Government is a representative organization of the student body. Student government strives promote the interests of the students by:

  • Providing activities that will develop the students spiritually, mentally, and physically.
  • Inspiring loyalty to Penn View and the principles for which it stands.
  • Recommending to the school administration any action it deems wise, either as corrective or promotional for the students as individuals or as a group.

Student Government assists the Dean of Student’s office in processing any student grievances.

Student Government sponsors special student oriented events throughout the year.

  • Annual HS vs. Institute Football Game
  • Annual Institute vs. High School Basketball Game
  • Annual High School vs. Old Codgers Basketball
  • School Spirit Week
  • Student Government Chapel / Assembly Programs

If you have any suggestions or concerns, please mail:, or speak to one of the officers or your class representative.

Current Officers
Sponsor: Kalem Mowery
President: Denver Brenizer
Vice President: Royal Brantle
Secretary: Brenda Grizer
Treasurer: Caleb Zeigler