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Advanced Diploma in Muslim Studies

Penn View announces the new Advanced Diploma in Muslim Studies. This expands our preparation of Christlike Servant Leaders to fulfill the Great Commission in reaching one third of the world’s population—1.8 billion Muslims! The program will prepare graduates to reach 85% of the world’s unreached people groups, which are Muslim.

Intensely dedicated, passionately knowledgeable, highly involved faculty and staff members prepare Christian workers through general Missionary Studies, Hispanic Studies, and Missionary Nursing. The Muslim Studies program will enlarge our reach to the ever-increasing, needy world! Speakers of Spanish, children, and Muslims comprise some of the largest segments of people around the globe. Will you join us in helping to reach them?  


Program Objectives: The Advanced Diploma in Muslim Studies will equip students to:

  1. Understand God’s heartbeat to see His glory declared in the Islamic world.
  2. Be able to understand and analyze cultural issues specific to Muslims.
  3. Be able to evaluate and effectively use evangelism, discipleship and church planting strategies to complete the Great Commission among Muslims.
  4. Be able to find and fulfill his or her role to win Muslims for Christ.

Course Requirements (Total 132 Hours):

General Education, 39 hours, consisting of: History of Western Civilization, 6 hours; English, 6 hours; General Psychology, 3 hours; Speech Communication, 3 hours; Literature (English or American), 3 hours; Introduction to Philosophy, 3 hours; Biological Science, 3 hours; Cultural Anthropology, 3 hours; Language, 6 hours; College Study Skills, 1 hour; General Electives, 2 hours.

Bible/Theology, 45 hours, consisting of: Bible Survey, 6 hours; Gospels, 6 hours; Pentateuch I, 3 hours; Acts, 3 hours; Biblical Hermeneutics, 3 hours; Corinthian Epistles, 3 hours; Romans, 3 hours; Christian Beliefs, 3 hours; Theology of Holiness, 3 hours; Systematic Theology, 6 hours; Bible/Theology Electives, 6 hours.

Professional Education, 48 hours, consisting of : Personal Evangelism, 3 hours; Survey of Missions, 3 hours; Principles of Missions, 3 hours; Contemporary Missions, 3 hours; World Evangelism, 3 hours; Church History I, 3 hours; Introduction to Homiletics, 3 hours; Leadership & Administration, 3 hours; Ministry Team Building, 3 hours; Introduction to Islam, 3 hours; Evangelistic Approaches to Muslims, 3 hours; Folk Islam, 3 hours; Muslim Ministry Practicum, 3 hours; Missionary Internship, 3 hours; Muslim Missionary Internship, 3 hours; Professional Electives, 3 hours (Ladies will be required to take Women in Cross- Cultural Ministry, 1 hour).

Missionary Internships are usually done in the summers between the sophomore and junior and senior years. The second internship required will most likely not be among Muslims, thus providing a broader missionary experience for the student.