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Missionary Nursing Requirements and Suggested Schedule

Course Requirements for the two years at PVBI are as follows (Total 64 Hours):

General Education
, 19 hours, consisting of:
History of Civilization, 6 hours; English, 6 hours; Speech Communication, 3 hours; General Psychology, 3 hours; College Study Skills, 1 hour.

Bible/Theology, 30 hours, consisting of:
Bible Survey, 6 hours; Gospels, 6 hours; Bible electives, 12 hours; Theology electives, 6 hours.

Professional Education
, 12 hours, consisting of :
Personal Evangelism, 3 hours; Missionary Internship, 6 hours; Missions electives, 9 hours (Contemporary Missions highly recommended).

Missionary Internships are usually done in the summers between the sophomore and junior and senior years.

The two years at Penn View will be followed by a two-year Registered Nursing program (Regarded as 65 hours for Penn View program) at a nearby School of Nursing. Students are to maintain their missionary emphasis wherever possible in the projects assigned in connection with the Nursing program.
Students must apply directly to the Nursing School at least one year in advance of the semester they plan to attend nursing classes there. Students who have not had high school chemistry will need to make up the deficiency. The Academic Dean will have application forms, but admission to the School of Nursing is the students’ responsibility. The School of Nursing controls acceptance into their program.
Graduates will receive diplomas from both Penn View Bible Institute and the School of Nursing and will be eligible to take the National Council for Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) for licensure as a registered professional nurse.

Suggested Schedule
(beginning even-numbered fall)