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Ministerial Studies

Keith Bunch
Division Director

The need for wise, dedicated and effective church leaders is all too real. Churches across our nation need properly prepared and dedicated pastors.  The Penn View Ministerial Division will prepare you to meet this need of leadership. Training in this division centers on the development of servant-leaders who will be pastors, preachers, and active laity.

People skills, pulpit skills, and administrative skills are intrinsically part of solid church leadership. The Ministerial Division will assist you in developing these and other skills necessary to effectively minister. Emphasis is placed upon personally knowing God, internalizing His Word, developing Christ-likeness, and practicing Christian integrity.

Instruction in this major comes from faculty possessing a wealth of pastoral and ministry experience.  These faculty will take personal time with students to listen and to encourage growth and development in areas of their needs.

Graduates from the Ministerial Division serve across the United States and Canada in a variety of ministries such as urban outreach, youth ministries, pastoral ministries, children's outreach, trans-ethnic ministries, inner-city mission, and other ministries wherever needs are present.

Students in this division focus upon obtaining an overview of the Bible, understanding the great doctrines of the Bible, appreciating our spiritual heritage found in church history, properly interpreting the Scriptures and making meaningful, relevant application of the Word in practical Christian living.

Many preaching options await our ministerial students.  Local churches and regional events; country settings and inner-city locales; and informal small group and large formal occasions provide students opportunities to develop their public speaking skills.  Structured ministerial internships under successful pastors enhance the training offered here at Penn View.