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Ministerial Requirements and Suggested Schedule

Program Objectives:
In keeping with the Institutional Goals, the Ministerial Program is designed specifically:

1. To provide the Christian worker with a foundational knowledge of the English Bible, studying it first in overview and then by significant books and groupings of books.

2. To aid the student in developing:

a. a thorough understanding of the great doctrines of Scripture,

b. skills in interpreting Scripture properly, and

c. the ability to make application of its message in practical Christian living.

3. To assist the student in understanding and appreciating the New Testament Church as God’s plan for this dispensation. Involved in this is the development of basic concepts in evangelism and the pastoral ministry.

4. To help the student prepare for a life of total dedication to the ministry of Christ and His church.

5. To enable the student to enter the pastoral ministry, equipped with beginning-level skills.


Course Requirements are as follows (Total 132 Hours):

General Education, 39 hours, consisting of:
History of Western Civilization, 6 hours; English, 6 hours; General Psychology, 3 hours; Speech Communication, 3 hours; Discussion Leadership, 3 hours; Introduction to Philosophy, 3 hours; Literature (English or American), 3 hours; Biological Science, 3 hours; College Study Skills, 1 hour; General Electives, 8 hours.

Bible/Theology, 51 hours, consisting of:
Bible Survey, 6 hours; Gospels, 6 hours; Pentateuch I, 3 hours; Acts, 3 hours; Biblical Hermeneutics, 3 hours; Pauline Epistles, 12 hours; Christian Beliefs, 3 hours; Theology of Holiness, 3 hours; Systematic Theology, 6 hours; Bible/Theology Electives, 6 hours.

Professional Education, 42 hours, consisting of :
Personal Evangelism, 3 hours; Church History, 6 hours; Homiletics, 6 hours; New Testament Greek, 6 hours; Pastoral Ministries, 3 hours; Leadership & Administration, 3 hours; Biblical Counseling, 3 hours; Church Music Administration, 3 hours; Missions Elective, 3 hours; Ministerial Internship, 6 hours.

Suggested Schedule
(beginning even-numbered fall)