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Child Evangelism Course Requirements and Suggested Schedule

Course Requirements are as follows (Total 126 Hours):

General Education, 40 hours, consisting of:
History of Civilization, 6 hours; English, 6 hours; General Psychology, 3 hours; Speech Communication, 3 hours; Discussion Leadership, 3 hours; Literature, 3 hours; Children’s Literature, 3 hours; Introduction to Philosophy, 3 hours; Biological Science, 3 hours; Elements of Music, 3 hours; Music Elective, 3 hours; College Study Skills, 1 hour.

Bible/Theology,47 hours, consisting of:
Bible Survey, 6 hours; Gospels, 6 hours; Acts, 3 hours; Pentateuch I, 3 hours; Pauline Epistles, 12 hours; Principles of Christian Living, 2 hours; Christian Beliefs, 3 hours; Theology of Holiness, 3 hours; Biblical Hermeneutics, 3 hours; The Teaching of Bible (also listed below); Elective, 6 hours.

Professional Education, 39 hours, consisting of:
Personal Evangelism, 3 hours; Introduction to Christian Education, 3 hours; Teaching Methods, 3 hours; The Teaching of Bible, 3 hours; Child Evangelism, 3 hours; Child Evangelism Practicum, 3 hours; Art & Visuals, 6 hours; Story Writing, 3 hours; Child Psychology, 3 hours; Educational Psychology, 3 hours; Missions Elective, 3 hours; Church History Elective, 3 hours.

NOTE: Music elective is chosen from Principles of Conducting (2 hours) and Church Music Administration (3 hours). Since Principles of Conducting is only two hours, the additional hour must be made up with another elective.

Suggested Schedule
(beginning even-numbered fall)