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Child Evangelism Studies

Barry Mason
Division Director

The needs of the world are great.  Often in ministry, great focus is placed upon the pressing needs of adults throughout our world.  However, with over 3.3 billion children in the world, it is imperative that we reach them for Christ.  Here at Penn View, we will prepare you to rise to the challenges of child evangelism.

Multitudes of children around the world need to know that Christ loves them!  Child evangelism is a global ministry.  Your involvement in reaching children can have long-range, positive effects upon this world.

The Child Evangelism Division will prepare you for effective ministry among "God's little people" scattered across our nation and around the world.  You can play an important role in this great task of reaching many children of the world.

Students in this division experience practical training in child evangelism through involvement in:

  • Student Ministries Outreach
  • Children's Chapels
  • Junior Churches
  • Sunday Schools
  • Ministry Internships
  • & many other ministry opportunities

Preparation for such a great task is important.  The teaching team here at Penn View cares about your personal development as you prepare to effectively reach children for Christ.  Spiritually, academically, and professionally qualified instructors are ready to help you grow, develop, and prepare.

Division Director Barry Mason is the leader in child evangelism within the Holiness Movement and among our sister Bible Colleges.  His wealth of experience across our land and around the world impacts the classroom training he provides.  His insights in child evangelism are based upon this wealth of years in professional ministry experience plus the wealth of formal training he has received.  He is the owner and director of Penn View Visuals, an international producer of child evangelism materials.